Indonesia Public Holiday 2014

Indonesia Public Holidays 2014

Indonesia Public holiday 2014 calendar.  The Indonesian called the holidays as TANGGAL MERAH which mean Red Date, where almost all institutions are close on the dates.

Indonesia is a multi religion country, their public holidays usually consist of religious festivals. There are a variety of religions in this country, which results in a variety of religious festivals including Christmas Day, Eid Al-Fitr, Nyepi and Waisak Day.

Christmas CelebrationKetupat tradition for Eid Al FitrNyepi Ceremonial in BaliWaisak at Borobudur Temple

Christmas Celebration

Ketupat for Eid Al Fitr

Nyepi Ceremonial in Bali

Waisak at Borobudur Temple

Since Indonesia is considered the country with the most Muslims in the world, there are more Islamic festivals that become public holidays. Every year, there are up to 6 Islamic holidays that are celebrated, with only a few non religious public holidays such as Independence Day and New Years Day.

Additional case, a certain political events like elections of the president, governor or legislature, the number of non religious holidays can vary. Please be aware that the dates of Indonesian public holidays may change depending on the circumstances.

Below is Indonesia Public Holiday 2014 list

New Years Day1 January 2014Wednesday
The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday14 January 2014Tuesday
Chinese New Year31 January 2014Friday
Nyepi31 March 2014Monday
Good Friday18 April 2014Friday
Labour Day1 May 2014Thursday
Waisak Day13 May 2014Tuesday
Isra Miraj27 May 2014Tuesday
Ascension of the Prophet29 May 2014Thursday
Eid al-Fitr28 and 29 July 2014Monday - Tuesday
Independence Day17 August 2014Sunday
Eid al-Adha5 October 2014Sunday
Muharram (islamic new year)25 October 2014Saturday
Christmas Day25 December 2014Thursday

Happy Indonesia Public Holidays 2014